CZ-97B Grip Screw Problems

The CZ-97B is a 45-caliber semi-automatic big brother to the reliable CZ-75B pistol. One well known and frequently lamented issue with the CZ-97 is that the grip screws which keep its wooden side panel grips on, often work their way loose during regular shooting. Mine were so bad that I had to actually bring a screwdriver with me to the range to tighten them back up every few magazines. Most folks say you can keep the screws in place with a dab of Lock-Tite.

I personally found that the issue vanished when I installed Hogue grips made for the CZ-75. The CZ-75 is a much smaller frame though, so it was necessary to heat the grips with a small butane torch, then pull really hard to stretch them around the frame and install the second screw. The grips cost $15, and don't be surprised if you end up demolishing one before you are ultimately rewarded with a Hogue-gripped CZ-97. The screw never came loose again after I got the Hogue grips installed, and I assume that the tension from the rubber is partially responsible for that.

I actually rather like the sleek black look the pistol acquired when I changed the grips.

-- SeanNewton - 04 Jan 2006

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